Spirit High Ridge

Release Date : August 1, 1999

(1999)   Our first cassette recording done at home.

1.Daydreaming in the Middle of the Night

2. Down From the Blueridge

3. Salt Creek

4. Every Step, Every Mile

5. Old Joe Clark

6. Long For the Country


Label : No label
Release Date : August 1, 2000

(2000) Our second cassette recording done at home.

Still a Little Rough Around the Edges

(2001) Our first CD recording still using the band name Spirit High Ridge.

1. Fire on the Mountain

2. My Cabin  in Caroline

3. Just as Long as You Love Me

4. Kenturcky Mandolin

5. Voice From on High

6. I Was Left on the Street

7. Clinch Mountain Backstep

8. Just Wondering Why

9. Tennessee 1949

10. Take Your Shoes Off, Moses

11. When Someone Wants to Leave

12. A Good Woman's Love

13. Roanoke

Dressed for Success

(2002) Our 4th recording using the name Spirit High Ridge and Cherryholmes Family Band

1. Bluegrass Breakdown

2. My Little Georgia Rose

3. The Mansion

4. Zoot Suit

5. Honey, You Don't Know My Mind

6. Meet Me on the Mountain

7. Family Reunion

8. Old Dangerfield

9. Smokey Mountain Smoke

10. Last Old Shovel

11. Frankie Belle/Bonapart's Retreat

12. I'm the Boss (of This Here House)

13. The Fishhook Breakdown

14. If That's the Way You Feel

Bluegrass Vagabonds

(2003) This is our 5th recording and the first one we did when we got to Nashville. Darren Vincent was our producer. Our name was so confusing to remember (Spirit High Ridge or Spirit High Ride or Spirits of the High Ridge???) so we decided to go by just CHERRYHOLMES.

1. Please Don't Say It

2. You're the Girl of My Dreams

3. I Can See

4. Indian Treasure'

5. Where Will You Build

6. I Won't Go Away

7. Will He Wait a Little Longer

8. Once Upon a Time

9. Five 'n Chimes

10. Some Morning Soon

11. Meadows of Dan


(2005) Cherryholmes is our 6th recording. It is the first one released on the Skaggs Family Records label. Ben Isaacs produced this one.

1. How Long

2. Workin' Man (Nowhere to Go)

3. Will I Be the Winner

4. Tallahassee

5. Heart as Cold as Stone

6. Red Satin Dress

7. Makin' Time

8. Brand New Heartache

9. Shelly in the Heather/Linda's Reel

10. He Goes to Church

11. Workin' Girl Blues

12. Don't Fal in Love

13. Coastline

14. No One to Sing for Me

Cherryholmes II Black and White

(2007) Our 7th recording and 2nd on Skaggs Family Records. Producer- Ben Isaacs.

1. You Don't Know What Love Is

2. Heat of the Morning

3. I Don't Know

4. Black and White

5. The Nine Yards

6. Turned Me Down

7. Darkness on the Delta

8. Don't Give Your Heart to a Knoxville Girl.

9. My True Love

10. Bootstrap Bill

11. Tell Me Why

12. Mansions of Kings

13. I'll Never Shed Another Tear

14. Greedy Hands

Cherryholmes III Don't Believe

(2008) Our 8th recording and 3rd on the Skaggs Family Records label. Producer- Ben Isaacs.

1. I Can Only Love You (So Much)

2. The King as a Babe Comes Down

3. Don't Believe

4. This is My Son

5. Sumatra

6. My Love For You Grows

7. Goodbye

8. Bleeding

9. The Sailing Man

10. Broken

11. Devil in Disguise

12. Mansker Spree/O'Coughlin's Reel

13. Traveler

Cherryholmes IV Common Threads

(2010) Our 9th recording and 4th recording with Skaggs Family Records. Producer- Ben Isaacs.

1. When It's Not With Me Everyday

2. Live It

3. Idle Minds

4. Changed in a Moment

5. The Harder I Fall

6. It's Your Love

7. Standing

8. How Far Will You Go

9. Making Pretend

10. Weaver of Lies

11. I Am Your Conscience

12. Just You

13. Tattoo of a Smudge